Brand Message & Content Development:

ATT HAM provides employers with customized, cost-effective human asset management solutions. They were established in 2015 as a division of its parent company, ATT Texas Temps Inc., which was established in 1996. As a new division of the company, ATT HAM recognized a need to established its own separate brand, messaging and sales proposals to differentiate themselves and expand growth opportunities.


ATT HAM reached out to me to develop content for their marketing collateral and to develop a template for their sales proposals. Their goals included:

  • Establishing a strong brand voice, in the right tone that would emotionally connect to customers
  • Developing key messaging to communicate their value propositions
  • Creating a sales proposal template and providing ongoing proposal writing needs


I provided all of the copywriting and worked directly with Drotz Design, who provided all graphic design and web development. Major deliverables included:

  • Creating a corporate website
  • Developing five unique service-specific brochures
  • Crafting a sales presentation
  • Producing various sales fact-sheets and leave behinds
  • Originating a sales proposal template


  • Created a website that effectively communicates their capabilities and differences from companies with similar offerings
  • Developed sales brochures used to generate leads from key prospects
  • Created sales proposals that were instrumental in winning new business

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