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I help female service-based entrepreneurs & coaches build a 7-figure business, 6 figures at a time™ with the right strategies, processes and accountability to get results quickly online. #ConfidentClosers

Sharell Weeams

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Social Selling Simplified
Certified Money marketing & soul coach, business performance coach with Fletcher Method, and Dream Team women's network member
40 Under 40, SMPS Member - Society for Marketing Professionals

Hi, I'm Sharell Weeams.

Girl, I know how overwhelming it is to run your own business. In a flash it goes from, “Yay, I’m my own boss!” to “Yikes, I have 11 browser tabs open and I haven’t brushed my hair in 3 days.”

Before you know it, you feel like you’re back in a day job, except now you’re working on your client’s watch instead of the CEO’s — and without the luxury of paid vacation to boot.

You mean to tell me if I shut down my laptop, I DON’T MAKE ANY MONEY?! Oh God, I’ll never sleep again!!

It. Stops. Now.

I’m here to help you draw a line in the sand, woman, because you’re about to leave overworking and under-earning in the dust.

Your dream of making more from the effort you put in isn't just a pie-in-the-sky fantasy — not when you’ve got the strategy, smarts and support to back it up.

As a strategist who not only built her own business to 6 figures in less than a year (*sassy hair toss*) but who also has helped her clients land $100 million in revenue ... and counting, I know a thing or two about success. So pull up your favorite tufted chaise, because I’m going to share all my strategies with you.

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You can have all the impact and income you want. Take it from these ladies:

$100K of online coaching programs in 10 days!

Selena Soo

Sharell is a total rockstar when it comes to sales. She helped my company sell $100K worth of online programs in just 10 days! If you’re looking for a top marketing and sales consultant to help you get more customers, I highly recommend Sharell!

Selena Soo Creator of Impacting Millions

Gracienne feels confident about her next step!

Gracienne Jean Pierre

Sharell is a bad a$$ when it’s come to sales and marketing/ business. The incredible thing about it is the way she presents the info. She is so genuine, empathetic, very detailed and no-nonsense. I’m so confident and excited and ready for my next step. I know anyone who signs up for her program will benefit greatly.


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