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Sharell Weeams

Meet Sharell Weeams

Grab a caramel macchiato and get settled in...

I’m here to show you the step-by-step way to showcase your brilliance, captivate your audiences and accelerate your sales — without sacrificing sleep or selling your soul to make it happen.

Sound Good?

Now, because I know every single second you spend on this page is valuable, before I tell you the story of how I got here, I want to share something you can TAKE WITH YOU to improve your business. I get karmic points for that, don’t I?

I'm a woman who LUURVES herself some serious structure. (Really, I do. I went so far as to develop a 10-tier process for getting ready for bed. It's true. You can ask my boyfriend.)

That’s why I’ve broken down everything I teach into a 3-step, foolproof framework I call the 3Cs.

It’s exactly what I did to grow my business from zero to multiple 6 figures in less than a year.

In fact, I believe in the 3Cs so much, I’ve made it the foundation of all my programs.

The 3Cs are going to help you package, price and sell your services to new clients — no guesswork required.

Congruency, Certainty, Confidence


Position yourself to create brand messages that are authentic and attract your ideal client.

Congruency comes from creating a brand and business model that merges your passions, experience and unique brilliance with the desires of your ideal customer avatar.


Price your packages based on value, not how many hours you spend in the office.

Certainty comes from having a unique brilliance system that ensures amazing results for your clients, and premium packages that perfectly match what your clients truly want.



Confidently charge what you're worth and stand in your value, so that you can reach your full potential.

Confidence comes from acting 100% in line with your business' mission and always trusting in the process. Know you WILL get the results you set yourself toward.

Now that you understand the foundational framework for any business, I’m going to reveal the delightfully divine road that brought me here to you.

Do you want to know a secret? Come in close. I’ll whisper it in your ear.

I was born for this work.

Unlike many industry experts, my entire MBA education & 15-year career has been spent as a marketing & business development practitioner and strategist helping service-based business owners, like you, increase revenue.

And the fun part for me is the results.

We’re talking over $100 million in revenue (and counting) results.

That’s what happens when you follow what works. The strategies I advise on aren’t based on theory; they’re based on time-tested, proven & practical strategies that get amazing results.

In other words, I’m the real deal.

Sharell Weeams
Sharell Weeams

But the truth is, I wouldn’t be the business owner I am today if I hadn’t had the honor of serving in corporate marketing director-level roles for 2 incredible, industry-leading women.

(Shout out to Katrina Keyes from K Strategies Group, an award-winning public relations firm, and Shama Hyder with Marketing Zen Group.

Katrina taught me the meaning of living, eating, sleeping and breathing your core values and becoming a credible expert in a niche. Shama literally wrote the book on social media marketing and was called “The Zen Master of Marketing” by Entrepreneur Magazine.)

Witnessing the impact these women were able to have as young, minority boss ladies who literally changed people’s lives showed me what’s possible when you have a big vision and the drive to back it up.

When I branched out as a full-time business owner in 2013, I already had the grit, the know-how and the reputation to call in a steady stream of great clients and get paid really, really well for my expertise.

But...I took on anything a client asked me to do. So what if it wasn't in my job description? If they were paying, I was in. It got to the point where I didn't have time to intentionally choose the direction my business would grow in - I was buried neck deep in what other people wanted it to be. Can you relate?

I felt trapped.

I had a 6-figure business straight out of the gate — but it was costing me big time in my happiness.

I was spending all my minutes with my head down, from sunrise to sunset, doing tasks that didn’t light me inside and wasn’t leaving a legacy I could be proud of.

I went from coach to coach, looking for the right person to help me nail my service packages and prices, so I could get off the never-ending hamster wheel of work, work, work.

It got to the point where a prospect would want me to send them a proposal for work, and I would procrastinate on sending it back. I simply didn’t want to do any more projects.

That was my wake-up call.

I told myself if I was going to commit to building a business, I was going to commit to building the business I wanted to lead.

That meant only working with clients I loved, and only doing work that made me want to bust out joyful dance moves.

That meant focusing on giving back — especially to other women business owners of ALL races. And that meant investing in a high-level mentor who could show me how to be successful in a way that felt good, so I no longer had to settle.

Laying down the HUGE investment to hire a next-level coach nearly made my heart stop, but I knew it would be worth it to get out of the current reality I was living. A week after rolling out a new premium package, I had my first $10,000 pay day, and I haven’t looked back since.

Now I help women like you go from the Unclear Entrepreneur to the Confident Closer generating predictable income month-over-month.

Five things you’d never guess about me:

Sharell Weeams
  • I’m a competitive West Coast Swing dancer. Give me a pair of suede soles and watch me step, pass and push my way across any dance floor.
  • I’m an arts and crafts junkie. In fact, I love it so much, I thought I was going to be a fashion designer when I went to college. Funny how God has other plans, isn’t it?
  • I am OBSESSED with the singer Selena. I even spent time learning all of her most popular songs... in Spanish. #bidibidibombom
  • In middle school, I was a Sears mannequin model. I’d dress up in Sears clothing, strike a pose and hold it in the store window. Sometimes shoppers didn’t realize we were alive, so when we’d move, we were met with a chorus of screams.
  • I am so process driven that I count the number of deodorant swipes I put under each armpit. Hey, don’t judge. Symmetry is a beautiful thing!!

Feeling super inspired after reading all about my journey? Let’s get to creating your very own success story, shall we?

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Professional, intuitive and dedicated...

Bea Jucker

I highly recommend Sharell Weeams’ powerful work as a Business Growth Strategist. She combines profound knowledge with warmth and light-heartedness to guide you to find your answers and gain clarity from within.

Sharell held the space beautifully and working with her was an absolutely wonderful experience. She is professional, intuitive and dedicated to helping her clients to move forward. I can highly recommend the high quality of her work.

Bea Jucker Mindset Coach, Bea Jucker Coaching

Sharell makes content development an art form!

Kathy Ryalls

Sharell truly makes content development an art form. On referral, we worked with Sharell to complete a strategic proposal response, with only days to complete and minimal availability from our executive team for input.

Since then we have partnered with Sharell on several marketing and content projects. We look forward to partnering with Sharell to lead additional business generating efforts as we’ve won a large contract renewal as a direct result of her work.

Kathy Ryalls President & CEO, RGS Financial Services