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$100K of online coaching programs in 10 days!

Selena Soo

Sharell is a total rockstar when it comes to sales. She helped my company sell $100K worth of online programs in just 10 days! If you’re looking for a top marketing and sales consultant to help you get more customers, I highly recommend Sharell!

Selena Soo Publicity Strategist & Creator of Impacting Millions

Christa had a $23,400 group program launch!

Christa Shavers

I held my first Winning Workshop Week last week for my Group Coaching launch and had 10 holy grail clients enroll!!! Thank you Sharell! I would have never bet on myself and showed up in this way without your support!


$10,000 group program launch!

Nikki Anarado

Under Sharell’s guidance, I was able to double my price and close a client at the new price after our first call. AND I leveraged the social selling strategies I learned from Sharell to close 6 new clients in into my group program at my new rate… resulting in a $10.000 launch. I now do $10,000 launches on repeat!

Nikki Anarado Dating Preparation Coach, Prepare to Be Pursued

From $3K to $20K+ in recurring revenue... during a pandemic!

Susan Sarit

With Sharell’s guidance in marketing and sales strategy, I was able to take my business from $3K to $20K+ per month in less than 9 months during the pandemic… surpassing my monthly goals for the rest of the year.

Susan Sarit Online Business Manager, Hey Susan Elizabeth

Collected $82K in cash and added 5 team members!

AdeOla Fadumiye

Within the first month of working with Sharell, I generated the same amount of income that I made the entire previous year. During our entire time working together, I brought in $82,000 in additional revenue (cash collected) and added 5 people to my team.

AdeOla Fadumiye Podcast Manager, Writer & Editor, Crys & Tiana

Closed 4 new clients within 2 weeks and blew through income goals!

Kierra Wilson

I close 4 new clients within 2 weeks of joining Sharell’s program. By 2.5 months in, I signed on enough clients to blow past my $10,000 per month income goal, and hired my first assistant.

Kierra Wilson Facebook Marketing Coach

Tanya went from $0 to $250K in less than 6 months!

Tanya Johnson

After being laid off from a high-paying position in higher education, I started working with Sharell to launch and market my business. Within 6 months of being in business, I went from $0 as a new consultant to $250,000+ on the books. I’m projecting $500,000 in revenue this year!

Tanya Johnson Organizational Consultant, Impact Strategy Group

Penny Leveraged Recurring Revenue to Hit Her First $200K Year

Penny Morgan

Before working with Sharell, I felt trapped in her business, like I had just gone from one employer in corporate to several employers as a business owner, because my clients ran the show (and my schedule). I needed help to stop trading time for dollars and transform my offers into higher-end, recurring revenue packages. With guidance from Sharell, I’ve been able to leverage a high-end recurring revenue service offer to hit my first $200,000 year! I’m projecting a quarter of a million in revenue this next year.

Penny Morgan HR Consultant, Carefree HR Solutions

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